The Philosophy Of Shelter

The Philosophy Of Shelter is a re-enactment of the displaced body's adventure in searching for shelter and the impact of this uncanny experience on their roaming stranger identities that pursue a new home. This work can be considered an investigation into the ecology of ghostly shelters and their precarious nature.
How does the shelter think?
What happens to our bodies when the shelter act?

The Philosophy Of Shelter is a theatrical installation in space that recreates the resulting objects of They Are Still There.

The Philosophy Of Shelter, Opening and Performance: Friday, June 17, from 7:00 pm.

  (Don't miss the performance during the start hour)

nasam abboud & yazan maksoud

Dislocated Noise

26 Mar 2022

At Dislocated Noise, newcomers (undocumented included) are connected to citizens of Amsterdam. Expect a concert/club night with a musical mix of Syrian traditional music, acid pop, trap, dj sets by familiar faces of Amsterdam's night life and an art installation by Syrian artists Yazan Maksoud & Nasam Abboud (N&Y).

Clean the Virus

12 June 2020

"The human race shall always overcome," said Jommo Kenyatta

See, I am the ultimate test

How well do you work together?

How well coordinated are you?

Still, there's more to come

Maintain the togetherness
And there will be no harm
Share the little you have

 Pop-Up Mosque at CBK Zuidoost Amsterdam

All love,
Yazan & Nasam